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Sedation Dentistry


We understand that for millions of adults, visiting the dentist can be an overwhelming or frightening experience due to dental anxiety. This common condition typically starts by a negative experience or becoming fearful of the general idea of dentistry. When you schedule an appointment, let us know if you have dental anxiety so that we can prepare for your visit accordingly. For many people, the actual procedure is not uncomfortable but it is the anxiety and worry that causes angst. With this in mind, we often prescribe an oral sedative or laughing gas that can be administered prior to the appointment to help you relax. While this is not a pain killer, it eases the fear and relaxes the body so that you can remain peaceful while having teeth cleaned or dental work performed.

Preparing for your appointment

Another easy way to calm your fears is to visit our office prior to the actual appointment. Taking the time to tour our office, where you can sit in the dentist chair and have a conversation, will allow you to become familiar with our staff and office environment. During your consultation, we can also discuss what you can expect from a teeth cleaning or a specific procedure. We find that the more informed our patients are, the more relaxed they feel, which reduces their dental anxiety.

Getting Started

Our doctors will take the time to get to know you, listen to your questions and understand all your concerns before making a recommendation regarding sedation during a dental procedure. We will also take into consideration any other health issues, risks, or allergies. With any type of dental work, it is important to be well informed and make a decision that you feel is best for your health and your goals. Our goal is to help you to be an informed and educated patient and see that your dental experience is a positive one!

Sedation Dentistry options at Village Parkway Dental

Medication used to help anxious patients relax during dental procedures is called Sedation Dentistry, also known as “sleep dentistry” – although that’s not entirely accurate, as patients remain “awake”! At Village Parkway Dental, we offer laughing gas along with an oral pill sedative. This combination allows patients to remain calm and relaxed, many times not even remembering the dental procedure.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Disclaimer: The following information is for educational purposes only. There are various types of sedation used in dental offices. *We do not offer Intravenous (IV) sedation, which may be preferred for more involved types of dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide
Most commonly known as “laughing gas,” in this process you’ll inhale nitrous oxide through a mask or nosepiece, and the calming effects begin in a few short minutes. The dentist controls the amount of sedation you receive and adjusts dosages accordingly throughout your procedure. Once the procedure is over, the dentist gives you pure oxygen to flush the nitrous oxide out of your system. Because the laughing gas leaves your system so quickly, you’ll be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.

Oral conscious sedation
With oral sedation, the dentist gives you sedative medication (usually in pill form) about an hour before your procedure begins. Oral sedation may make you groggy, but you’ll still be able to communicate with the dentist if necessary. Because oral sedation temporarily affects your memory and motor skills, you might want a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure.

Intravenous (IV) sedation*
IV sedation dentistry is the deepest form of conscious sedation, where a dentist delivers sedative medications directly to your bloodstream through an IV line. During your procedure, the dentist monitors your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels. Most people who receive IV sedation dentistry fall asleep and have little to no memory of their treatment when they wake up. This option is best for people with severe dental anxiety or those who are undergoing lengthy procedures.


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