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Dental Cleanings & Exams


We believe that preventative care is essential for good oral health at any age! Routine dental visits and practicing good oral hygiene at home will keep your teeth healthy and decreases your risk of a cavity or infection. We suggest that you schedule a professional dental cleaning and exam at least once every six months, even if you are not experiencing any discomfort. Doing so will allow us to remove any plaque or bacteria that is on your teeth, ensure that there are no cavities developing, and prevent you from experiencing gum disease. Our goal is to treat you before you have any health issues!

Dr. Mason has made my previously dreaded dentist appointments a thing of the past. He is absolutely wonderful in calming those who hate being in the dental chair and all of his assistants are top notch. He thoroughly explains everything and wants to make sure you are comfortable with any recommendations he has or work that needs to be done. I cannot recommend Dr. Mason enough. – Jennifer

Preventing Emergencies

Did you know that regularly scheduled dental cleanings and exams can help to prevent a dental emergency? Many adults go far too long between visits to the dentist. As time goes on, infections can develop that create painful situations which lead to common dental emergencies. For example, a minor cavity can be corrected with minimal discomfort. However, if the infection spreads into the center of the tooth, the dental pulp can become infected and a root canal will become necessary. Fortunately, these types of infections can typically be avoided!

What to Expect


We use the latest digital x-ray and diagnostic technologies for early detection of disease and other oral health issues before they become too expensive/difficult to address. A dental exam generally includes:

  • Take and review digital x-rays to diagnose infections or decay that are under the surface.
  • Gum disease evaluation – looking for red, swollen or bleeding gums. Other symptoms are bad breath, loose teeth, pain while chewing, sensitive teeth or teeth that appear longer.
  • Oral cancer screening – looking for any bumps, lumps, or rough spots that were not there before. Those who smoke, chew tobacco, drink alcohol excessively, overexpose themselves to the sun, or have the HPV virus are all at an increased risk for developing disease.
  • Visual inspection of each tooth and any possible tooth decay.
  • Evaluate any current restorations (fillings, etc.)


Routine dental cleanings keep your smile looking beautiful, but also help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and other common dental problems. During our professional cleaning, our hygienists will:

  • Remove plaque from your teeth – the sticky substance that forms in your mouth from food, saliva, and bacteria. If left untreated plaque leads to tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Remove tarter (calculus) – hard deposits on a tooth’s surface as well as above and around the gum line. If it’s extensive or below the gum line, then a deep dental cleaning may be required.
  • The final step is to polish and remove any remaining plaque and stains from the teeth. If needed, a fluoride treatment is done to keep your teeth strong and prevent future cavities.

Diabetes and Dental Care

Did you know that studies have shown a strong link between oral health and overall health? For example, periodontal (gum) disease has been associated with a number of health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. If you fall into one of those health conditions, especially diabetes, you may need to visit our office three or four times per year! Uncontrolled blood sugar inhibits the white blood cells ability to fight off infection, including the bacteria in your mouth, so prevention is key! At Village Parkway Dental, we can treat diabetic patients, while also coordinating your care with your medical physician as necessary.


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